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Thank Your Pain

Pain in terrifying. But it is also a gift.

Thank your pain is a tool that helps separate emotion from self, learning how to cherish the lessons and silver linings within those darkened moments, and completely shatter what “pain” is all together.

We come to understand what pain is, not from what we’ve been “taught” but from the blessing it truly has to guide us in our lives.

It is not about optimism, or being “positive” or just saying “oh well” It is taking power and responsibility back into our own hands. It’s never letting a bad moment ruin our day again.
It’s feeling pain, but not being it. And no longer being a slave to those emotions.

Are you ready to let go of every dark day you’ve ever had?

How about never having one again?

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How To Overcome the Feeling of Loneliness
Feb 21, 2019

In order to overcome “loneliness,” we have to first acknowledge what loneliness is - That deep feeling of inadequacy inside of us.When we feel lonely, we feel like we don’t belong, like we’re not apart of something, or we don’t have a strong sense of purpose. This is generated from inside ourselves, which is why we can feel very alone, even if people are nearby or someone tells us they love us.It’s very cliche to say we have to first “love ourselves from within” so I’m going to avoid saying that, and just skip to the part where I try to help you.

What is the best way to overcome deep-rooted jealousy you can’t control easily?
Feb 21, 2019

First of all - Thank your jealousy, because you’ve just encountered an opportunity for growth my friend.Contrary to popular opinion, this is not a “psychological problem” something you need to “heal within yourself” or “seek professional help” for. It’s something inside of you that says “I want more - They have it and I don’t believe I can.”

How do you overcome feelings of loneliness and being an outcast?
Feb 21, 2019

For one, if you are an “outcast” it is actually something to be grateful for! Many people spend their lives trying to be different. You naturally are - congratulations!When we are younger, this is more of an ill, because people will usually exclude us from things. Many “outcasts” will retreat at this point, further emphasizing their segregation. The secret is - If you own what makes you different, you may get some lashback at first, but then people will start to like and admire you.

You are not your Pain.
Your Pain is not the problem.
Being in pain sucks, and most of us try to avoid it. But at the end of the dark days, we’re often able to look back at how much stronger they made us. In this sense, we can start to thank our pain, instead of running away from it.