What is the best way to overcome deep-rooted jealousy you can’t control easily?

February 21, 2019

First of all - Thank your jealousy, because you’ve just encountered an opportunity for growth my friend.

Contrary to popular opinion, this is not a “psychological problem” something you need to “heal within yourself” or “seek professional help” for. It’s something inside of you that says “I want more - They have it and I don’t believe I can.”

So first you must see what you’re jealous of because there is within you some subconscious belief that what they have is something either

A.) You don’t deserve, B) You believe you deserve but don’t have C) Think they don’t deserve (and that you deserve more)

The common denominator for all of these here is operating out of lack.

For some reason, you don’t believe what they have/you don’t have is abundant, when really everything in this universe is abundant.

You can cure this by addressing that lack of self-esteem and pinpointing the true desire. What do you actually want? Is it what they have/who they are? Or is it the attention they’re getting? Once you find out what your true cause of jealousy is, you can actually set goals to work towards that or find other meaningful goals in your own life to focus on.

You’ll find once your attention is focused on working towards your own path - jealousy dissipates because it is replaced by action and a feeling of accomplishment for your own life.

When my ex and I broke up, I felt angry and jealous for a long time because I kept thinking of how well he was doing at work. Once I started focusing on just being better at my job, the work started paying off and I soon became top ranking and felt much better about myself. The jealousy disappeared along with even thinking about my ex.

I hope this helps!


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